Extremely rare & sophisticated gifts

for the wine connoisseur who already has everything

Each piece we create for our clients is a clear statement of a good business relationship, as it stands for quality, timeless elegance and exquisite taste.

Exquisite elegant black carbon fiber mash merged with the highest-grade polished stainless steel. Handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany for the perfect gift to make a lasting impression.

Worldwide only 11 pieces where handcrafted by the Nicoli Marble factory in Carrara, Italy. A truly one-of-a-kind for the wine connoisseur who already has it all

When it comes to the ultimate luxury gift we believe rarity is key.
Therefore, every piece we create is a unique expression of excellence, comprised of the most refined natural elements in our world. Durable, sophisticated and rare.

Our exclusive marble edition is manufactured in Italy & assembled in Germany

There can hardly be a better way to express how much you value your friends and business partners than by presenting them with unique limited-edition wine accessory gift from BEVLAB
Our clients are individuals with the passion and means to show their gratitude in a beautiful and meaningful way. It should be a one of a kind unique gift that also makes a difference in the world